Movement First is not your average physical therapy clinic. Our goal is to precisely identify and treat injuries utilizing the best available research and technology, paired with unmatched care and service.

Through 25 years of working as a physical therapist with top professional athletes, Movement First founder Brandon Dederich felt that traditional therapy options were often limiting, in both the amount of time a patient spent with a therapist, and also the resources and technology available for assessment and treatment. This was especially apparent when dealing with more complex cases where standard protocol constantly fell short, failing to return the athlete to an advanced-level of function.

Dederich founded Orange County’s first clinical movement laboratory to bridge that gap and offer a comprehensive, movement-based assessment and treatment plan that integrates the latest, cutting-edge science and technology to get you back fully to your active lifestyle. By educating patients and athletes on proper movement patterns and interventions for avoiding potential injuries, M1 also strives to keep you away from the sidelines moving forward.