Movement First is a 3-D motion lab where we can identify the cause of your injury, get you back to competing sooner and prevent future injuries.


We recognize that every patient and every injury is different, so we never jump to conclusions. Instead, we use state-of-the-art technology to more precisely and scientifically identify the root cause of your injury.

Once we’ve identified the problem, using a multidisciplinary approach we will not only work together to treat your problem, but also give you the tools for a successful, competitive future. Our re-education program focuses on improving movement patterns and preventing future injuries, to keep you off the bench.

If you've failed with traditional physical therapy or are looking for a competitive edge, experience the Movement First difference today.


As your Movement Specialist, we stay with you every step of the way, from evaluation to recovery.

Our professional, highly trained staff is here to guide you through our comprehensive process at our state-of-the-art Movement First facility. 



We’re not big fans of guessing. During evaluation, we will use research-grade software and technology, like high-speed cameras, electromyography and force plate data, to precisely identify the source of your injury.

Evaluations may include:

  • Gait Analysis
  • Running Analysis
  • Return to Sport Evaluation
  • Injury Prevention Screening
  • ACL Risk Screening or Return to Sport Evaluation
  • Cycling Mechanics Evaluation
  • 3D Overhead Sport Evaluation (for throwing, pitching, golf, volleyball, etc.)
  • Concussion Evaluation

Following evaluation, you will receive a complete biomechanical report to take home and review with your family, along with a referral to the appropriate doctors, therapists, coaches or trainers. You will leave with a full understanding of what’s at the root of your pain, and the next steps to treating it.


At Movement First, you’re always in great hands. We customize individualized treatment and rehabilitation programs to fulfill the unique needs of each patient. Treatment sessions occur in a personal, one-on-one environment, with a physical therapist that has undergone specialized training in movement re-education and biomechanical analysis.

It is our philosophy that pain, dysfunction, and injury are due to underlying faulty movement patterns, so our treatment programs focus heavily on movement re-education, combined with manual therapy, sport-specific exercise and high-level training.

Our ultimate goal is to not just treat your injury, but to change the way you move. Without the proper mechanics, you’re at increased risk of reinjury.


We don’t believe in throwing you back into the deep end. Movement First is proud to support our athletes and patients all the way through their recovery.

We offer all of our patients access to our state-of-the-art in-house Recovery Zone, featuring world-class tools and technology designed to massage muscles, increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, and optimize muscle recovery post exercise. Powered by Athletes Mobility, you’ll find everything from Normatec recovery sleeves to Game Ready icing machines and Compex neuromuscular electrical stimulation